PALEDEC has unveiled the Republic of Turkey as the Host Country for the 6th edition of the Pan African Humanitarian Summit scheduled to hold November, 2021 in Istanbul under the working theme: Stronger Together: Strategic Partnership for a Prosperous Africa.


Working in collaboration with Dynasty Group, Focal Point, EISA Smart and Africa My Home, the 6th Pan African Humanitarian Summit will pull over 350 delegates, policy makers, and highly recognized leaders in various sectors of industry, government, business and humanity from 40 countries to discuss sustainable business opportunities to promote and facilitate international trade and Foreign direct investment into Africa.

The choice of Turkey doesn’t come as surprise to many, considering Turkey’s unswerving stance as a ‘Strategic Partner of the African Continent” and its progressive partnerships – going from 12 embassies and US$100 million in foreign direct investment in 2003 to 42 embassies and over US$6.5 billion in 2021, plus 51 African cities being served by Turkish Airlines.

PALEDEC has consistently held the Pan African Humanitarian Summit since 2015 in some of the world’s capitals respectively in Accra (2015), Dubai (2016), Dar-Essalam (2017), Rabat (2018) and Abu Dhabi (2019) with over 7,800 participants and 92 awardees to include Former Heads of State, Policy makers, Royalty, Celebrities as well as Business Leaders from 45 countries within and outside Africa.


This year, PALEDEC will also be unveiling Pan African ChangeMakers of 2021, a recognition for Africans, and Friends of Africa with persistent and exceptional contributions that are clearly geared towards building a prosperous, sustainable, regionally integrated and globally competitive Africa.

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